Saturday, January 11, 2014

Screen Porch Construction in Raleigh and Cary

Deck and screen Porch Construction is a specialty trade in itself.  Not only do you have to know how to seamlessly tie in an addition to a house, but you have to visualize the end result.  You have to know the ins and out of framing, siding, trim work and even electrical work.  You don’t want to see obvious mistakes from poor planning on your project.  You can tell the difference between a mediocre project and a perfect one.  We don’t accept anything less than perfect.
At Pro-Built, every one of our pro carpenters are fully experienced in framing/ deck framing, siding and trim work.  You must have an experienced leader with an experienced crew to build a project efficiently and seamlessly.  Each of our crew can build projects by themselves and encouraged to do so in any slow times.  This keeps the good help around without constantly hiring drifters.  This is also good for them.  We also pay very well for the right kind of people.  People who show up on time with a mission to accept nothing less than perfect.
My name is Nick Overby.  I own Pro-Built and actually run the day to day operations.  This means I am on site cutting, nailing and even some times, toting wood :)   I am also the one who will be quoting your project.  This means from day one through the entire project, you will be dealing with me, a professional carpenter who will be actually building your project with my crew.
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